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NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball review

EA has come up with the perfect solution for basketball lovers in search of android mobile and iOS apps that lets them shoot hoops on the go. The NBA LIVE mobile Basketball app combines excellent graphics and competitive levels to ensure basketball fans enjoy the game.

Graphics and Sound 4/5

The app for all android devices which also works on iOS does a great job bringing some of the NBA's greatest players to life. The entire game uses 3D graphics to give the players and teams realistic appearance in the latest update. A virtual stick and buttons allow fluid movements especially because one can quickly swipe from drive to shoot in a natural progression. Sounds are crisp and clear, making the game even more enjoyable on iPhone, iPad and Android devices than on TV.

Gameplay 4/5

This app is a tool for users to play a game centered on building their team from a variety of scrubs, legends, and basketball superstars. One can use the card system to create the team and proceed to select one out of many game modes. In multiplayer mode, each user plays an alternate quarter while the other team is controlled by Artificial Intelligence, making each level challenging.

To control a player, the user makes use of a virtual stick and buttons at the bottom of the screen. All one has to do to move, shoot, or dunk is simply swiped across the desired buttons or use the stick. Along the way, the user easily earns coins for good performance, which can be used to make purchases and player transfers. Any basketball lover would easily play the latest version of this app.

Replay Value 4/5

The multiple game modes in this free download app ensure that a user always has something to do. One can go for individual shooting drills, recreate memorable moments, or play famous NBA games. The game has high replay value since one can choose to go for short play sessions, then switch to longer sessions or multiplayer modes depending on their preference. 
Even after achieving the highest scores, most players would replay it just to switch up the teams and change their selections of legends and scrubs at each stage.

In-app purchases

The user is able to accumulate coins that can be used to purchase player cards. The price of each card varies according to the player’s standing in the league. Other rewards include boosts whenever the user matches players according to a coach’s style. The rewards motivate users to build winning lineups and expand the team by buying new cards.

The Bottom Line 4/5

This leading app has a little good and bad. The graphics and sound are both impeccable. Another good thing is the apk and iOS app has plenty of game modes, which guarantees its replay value and keeps users entertained constantly. Finally, the app has excellent controls that are surprisingly responsive, making the game more pleasant. However, the strange team requirements take the fun out of the game. A user has to select more than 15 players in order to use each at different times. Otherwise, this app is enjoyable and a must-have.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4

Controls 4

Replay Value 4

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