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FIFA Soccer review

EA Sports has mastered the art of great games on consoles or PCs. It makes sense that the sports studio has also ventured into gaming apps on iOS and Android mobile devices. The million-dollar question remains: how does the app compare to the latest version of FIFA for console and PC?

Interface 3/5

FIFA’s interface is a bit challenging for novice players, especially with the most recent update. The app for all Android and iOS devices lets Artificial Intelligence do most of the dribbling, allowing the user to come in when passing or shooting to score. The developers managed to balance the user interface, as it has multiple tabs that capture all key football news and updates and also a navigation bar which makes it easy to go from one section of the app to another.

Key features 4/5

The app has the following uniform features:

  • Live feeds – the app does more than just let you play, it also supplies you with the latest soccer news from all over the globe.
  • The live news feed on display lets you know all breaking news, video highlights, and interviews.
  • Live scores section – get an up-to-date stream of the latest scores on all matches, including those outside the FIFA tournaments.
  • Dual control schemes – seamlessly switch from hands-off control to hands-on one and vice versa. Novice players find it easier to use the hands-off system.
  • Plans – allows you to plan for a team in advance. Whenever a user wins a player from a new team, they can use plans to save the player for later when similar players are collected.
  • Leagues – users can join leagues and compete in several championships and league tournaments. This adds a competitive side to the app.

Usability 3/5

The app is extremely easy for a user with experience on FIFA 17. There are not many changes in the latest update that would make it difficult for an experienced user. Novice, users would find the app rather difficult to use, because of the dual control tools. While the hands-on and hands-off features can be interchanged seamlessly, neither of them execute accurate player movements. Combined with needing screen space for your fingers, one tends to resort to the hands-on feature more often.

In-app purchases 4/5

In-app purchases are made possible using FIFA points. FIFA points can be purchased using real money and used to acquire cards for desired players. Using these players, a user can create the team of his or her choice using the best players and compete in the leagues and championship games.

The Bottom Line 4/5

FIFA mobile is free to download. Even with the in-app purchases, the app itself can be accessed for free via apk download, Google Play app for Android, and the App Store for iOS devices. Regardless of whether the download is via apk or the App Store, users pay no extra charge upon installation. Other than how affordable it is, the app has challenging leagues which make it extremely interesting for football lovers. The main issue is with the control system, but experienced players find that they are able to navigate through this with ease. Overall, the FIFA game has great replay value which makes this iOS and Android app a must-have.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 4

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

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