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Minecraft review

Minecraft is a sandbox video game created by Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson and later developed by Mojang. Minecraft is a sandbox video game that provides players with an open world to build and explore. The game is created by Swedish programmer Markus "Notch" Persson and released as a beta in May 2009.


Minecraft is an open world sandbox game. In the game, you explore a randomly generated world and gather resources to survive. It’s a game of survival, exploration, and creation. The world is made of cubes that you can break and rearrange into different shapes. You can also craft a wide variety of items, from tools and weapons to buildings and vehicles. There are no specific goals in the game, you determine what to do and where to explore. Multiplayer mode is available. Gameplay is the aspect of Minecraft that attracts players to the game. Minecraft is a sandbox game that gives players the freedom to explore and create. Players explore the world and collect resources, such as coal and iron, to construct buildings and other structures. Players can also use these resources to create new items and tools.

Minecraft is a sandbox game where the objective is to survive and craft your way to glory. The player starts with no resources and must find or create them. The player can use these resources to craft tools, weapons, and shelter. The player must protect themselves from the dangers of the world such as hostile animals, extreme temperatures, and hunger. The player can also collect resources and craft those into new tools, weapons, and shelter. One of the dangers of Minecraft is that the map is randomly generated and will be different each time the player logs on.


Minecraft is a 3D game, so the graphics are as simple as they can be. The player can see a few blocks around him. There are also various textures that change the look of the blocks. The graphics in Minecraft are simple but immersive. They consist of cubes and squares and is a break from the traditional 2D and 3D games. The graphics allow for a lot of creativity and the lack of detail allows the player to create their own environment.


Minecraft is an infinite game. The objective is to survive and explore the world, not to beat the game. The game is always changing, so there is always something new to do. Minecraft is a game with a lot of replayability. The game has a “create-your-own-adventure” feel which allows players to do whatever they want with the world. Players can create their own world and play it without restrictions.


Minecraft is a sandbox game that is designed to be played by a single player. The gameplay consists of the player interacting with the world and the objects within it. The player can use these objects to create structures and locate resources. These resources can then be used to create new and different structures and objects. Minecraft has a lot of replayability because of the sheer number of resources and structures available.


  • Minecraft is a creative game where the player can explore the world and all the resources within it
  • Minecraft is a unique game with no boundaries
  • Minecraft allows players to be creative and express their talent
  • Minecraft is a great way to learn more about programming
  • Minecraft can be played solo or with a group of friends


  • Minecraft can be a very tedious game to play
  • Minecraft is a game with a lot of glitches and bugs
  • Minecraft does not have a story line, so the player has no incentive to continue playing
  • Minecraft does not have a lot of replayability
  • Minecraft is a very time consuming game

Graphics 8

Gameplay 9

Controls 8

Replay Value 7

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