Whitetail Deer Calls

Whitetail Deer Calls
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Whitetail Deer Calls review

Hunting season is back! If you are in the business of hunting deer either for leisure or sport, you need an effective way of getting them quickly. You can call them out with ease using Nielsen’s leading app, whose tools allow you to have the animals in your cross-hairs quickly.


The app scores a 4/5 with its simple interface. On the main window are ‘Calls,’ ‘Tips’ and ‘Help’ tabs, and a disclaimer that cautions against using the app in areas where it is not legal to use deer-hunting calls. Under the ‘Calls’ tab, you have your favorites, where you can list out your most frequent hunting calls for ease of access. You also have the most comprehensive list of Buck calls ranging from Grunts to Bawls, and a pause, play, and stop button.

Key Features

For a hunting app, the features rate at an impressive 5/5. Whitetail deer app has great quality especially if you have a nice outdoor speaker. Usually, there are 5 important deer calls every pack needs, i.e., the Fawn Bleat, the Doe Bleat, Buck Grunt, Snort Wheeze, and the Rattle Deer calls. This app has 21 deer calls that compile the most impressive catalog of deer calls on any app. There is also an added prompt for confirmation to play fawn calls to prevent accidental calls. The iOS and Google Play app for Whitetail also provides you with the best tips to use when hunting. The sounds are especially crisp and clear, and you won’t get any rattling or digital background noise. The ‘repeat’ feature is excellent if you are getting close to your shot and if you have done enough research on fawn calls. You can time repeats and also add calls to your favorites. Get regular updates for your iOS and Android app.


The app scores a 4/5 on usability. All the calls work flawlessly even without an external speaker although some of the doe bleats are a bit inaudible. With an easy interface and little memory space taken up, the app works impeccably as an app for all android devices and iOS products. The app calls in deer within just a few minutes proving how well it works. With Bluetooth capability, you should be able to move around with your device with your speakers in the background.

In-app purchases

I give it a 5/5. Whitetail Deer app is a free download for both the Android mobile and the Apple app store.  There is, however, an ads-free version on Google Play and Apple stores which costs about 1.5$ to buy and which has the same features that you love about the free version.

The Bottom Line

This app gets a 4.5/5 rating for its sleek design, ease-of-use, and comparative success rate during hunting. If you have been out chasing deer with little to no success, maybe it’s time you finally got the apk on your Google Android or iOS file for iPad or iPhone. The latest version requires apk download version 4.03+, iDevices version requires iOS 8.0+. With just a bit of research, you’ll find yourself attracting more deer than you could imagine. With some of these calls in the peak season, you can get out deer as fast as a minute or two. With excellent quality sounds and customizable features, you’ll never run short of luck with this app.

Design 4

Key Functions 5

Usability 5

Cross-platform use 4

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